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Planning, developing and deploying strategic business applications have been our forte and core business.
Most of our projects for existing customers are turnkey solutions. The in-depth understanding of the organizational goals, business infrastructure and workflow is our key asset. We are able to customize business application to 'tailor-fit' any customer operations, be it developing an additional module or the entire solution. Relentless in the pursuit of quality, nothing means more to us than a job well done and a satisfied client. We strive for perfection and therefore incorporate the best of technology, to improve employee productivity and overall general development.
Appsure develops its own software, with highly efficient and experienced professionals who understand the poduct right from grass-root level. Thus providing minimum down-time and strong after-sales support. We specialize in integrating new technology with existing infrastructure to improve customer service and grow its business.
This solution is developed to cater to the needs of any business with a Trading activity. It helps to manage the inventory stock right from Ordering, Purchasing, Costing, Distribution & Selling. The Inventory module is seamlessly integrated with the Accounting module allowing the timely production of customer statement of Accounts, to ensure proper cash flow, Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss and many other reports. The solution can be adapted to any type of trading activity be it Machinery, Spare Parts, Foodstuff, Toys, Fashion, Cosmetics, Medicine, Hardware, etc.. and each of this activity have something very specific developed pertaining to that specific industry which makes this solution stand out as compared to the standard ones available in the industry.


The Contracting system is geared towards contractors wherein you can manage projects that will have multiple bills of quantities and than either choose to execute the project by yourself or assign it partly to sub-contractors. The system will help track the completion of jobs within a project and than automatically generate the billing to the client and payment certificates to the sub-contractors. It will also take into account the retention amounts that will be held by the client and also the retention that you will hold from the sub-contractor, any insurance charges if exists are also accounted for.


The Retail & Wholesale trading system provides an end-to-end solution for traders that wish to mange their stock right from Purchasing, costing, stocking, distribution and sales. The sales are classified into Whole sale and Retail. In a Wholesale environment the invoice is generated from the back-office whereas in the retail environment there is support for point-of-sale machines which allows to process very high volume of transactions in a speedy manner by the implementation of Barcode technology.

Retail & Wholesale

The property management system is meant for the real-estate business owners. It allows you to define multiple properties and various units within the properties. Each unit will than be assigned to a tenant by making a contract which will have different rental terms. The rental period is a multiple of months. The property can also be grouped into portfolios; this feature allows people in the real-estate management business to know the profitability of each portfolio and allows them to keep track of the commission chargeable.

Real Estate

The Travel & Tours management handles all of the financial operations in a travel agency and it also has an interface to the reservation system thereby eliminating the tedious task of re-entering the ticket information. The system generates tour service vouchers which allows you to sell for instance a stay in hotel or apartment, meals, transportation, sight seeing, etc. Comprehensive reports allow you to monitor the sales of tickets by carrier, destination, etc., giving you a very powerful negotiating tool while doing negotiations with your carrier or your tour operators.

Travel & Tourism

The Insurance brokerage system handles Health, Motor & General Insurance. It allows you to print the policy from the system and calculate the brokerage commission on policies. Reminders in the system lets you know of all the policies that are due for renewal allowing you to enhance your sales and also letting the customer feel that you are given a personalized service.

Insurance Brokers

The system is designed to handle all of the back-office operation of an institution. The process starts when the invoice is raised to a corporate or a student and since the nature of billing involves that a course can run across months and sometimes years for long term courses, the important functionality of amortization of the invoice amount and the receivable amount is catered for to be able to report the accurate profit/loss status.

Training Institutions

The system caters to the production controls as well as the costing aspect of the various jobs. The production control allows the scheduling of the jobs and helps in monitoring the status of the job in each department, enabling the timely delivery of the job. The production costing enables to keep track of all the materials issued to a job and direct expenses if any there by giving the right profitability of each and every job.

Commercial Printing Houses

In a cleaning service business as the number of employees is normally huge it is important to have a proper control on the time of each labor and the project he is working on to enable the management to know the exact cost of the project in terms of labor which mostly is the major cost factor. The system also allows the capture of materials that are used in the project thereby giving you more comprehensive costing which includes both manpower and material.

Cleaning Services

The system facilitates the complete operation cycle of a pharmacy right from Purchasing, costing, stocking & sales. It uses the barcode technology to enable speedy sales through a point-of-sale machine avoiding queuing of customers during peak hours. The important aspect of knowing your items that are about to expire is very well handled keeping you informed on the expiry status.


The solution is meant for business dealing with Phones, Tel. cards, Bill Payments, Repairs and various other services. It has a very special feature which keeps track of Serials for every item to have a tracking system for warranty. Even the tel. cards can be maintained using their unique serial identification. This solution can be configured in an environment where there exists a Head Office and multiple showrooms at different locations in a very cost-effective manner. It is tightly integrated with the Financial module to help generate Statement of Account, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Profit/Loss, Cost-Center analysis and various other reports for effective decision making.

Communication & Mobile

Industrial establishments can benefit from the system as it allows to handle various types of jobs and keeps track of expenses such as materials issued from the inventory, other expense incurred on the job, number of labor hours spent thereby giving you an exact cost of each job.

Industrial Establishments

The system covers the complete operation cycle of a fruits business right from purchasing, costing, stocking & sales. Since the items are perishable it is very critical to maintain the stock on a First-in-First-out basis (FIFO). It allows the flexibility to choose quantities from certain shipment overriding the shipments chosen by the computer on FIFO basis. The shipment can be classified as a commission shipment or a normal stock shipment, as in the case of the commission the income is a percentage of the total sales of the shipment whereas if it is normal shipment the profit is derived from the sum of totals sales minus the total expenses.

Fruit Traders

This system is designed to cover the full life cycle, to manage donations done for charity to a non-profit organization. The solution consists of three modules which are Accounting, Donations & Human Resources. The Donation module is fully integrated to the Accounting system; the system facilitates the collection of donations either by cash, bank transfers or standing orders. The donation is then allocated to various activities like orphans, scholarships, special projects etc. Various reports & statistics are available based on country, donation purpose etc. to help in proper management of the collected donations.

Islamic Non-profit Organization